Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer Beauty

It's definitely summer.  The weather here in Houston has been getting downright hot lately, predicted to hover between the mid 90's and 100 pretty much every day for the next week.  It's been entirely humid and mostly sunny/hazy with no relief from the punishing rays.  Not only that, but the ocasional spatterings of rain we've been getting every so often have ensured that the mosquito (and other stinging/biting bug) population is thriving.  So I'm relying on some old favorites as well as new finds in the beauty department to ensure my summer sanity:
  • My hair is still super long, so I'm keeping it pinned up in a bun or pony tail pretty much every day.  I still love the gold ponytail band that I discovered here.  But I have now discovered a new barrette to bling out my bun too.  
  • On the rare occasion I wear my hair down, I tend to go for the wavy/undone look.  It works best when the humidity frizz sets in.  I usually just braid my hair the night before and sleep in it.  But I'm also thinking of making this easy DIY beach wave texture spray to further enhance my waves.
  • Mosquitoes LOVE me.  I have 3 mosquito bites just from S opening the door the other night - a pesky blood sucker heard the siren's call of my blood and snuck into the house in the 2 seconds the door was open to attack me while I made dinner.  But I hate smelling like chemically bug spray all the time.  I just discovered this DIY recipe for homemade all-natural bug spray made with essential oils that has me thoroughly intrigued...
  • I ALWAYS wear sunscreen on at least my face and neck.  Every single day.  I accomplish that by incorporating it into my beauty routine in the form of a bb cream.  I've tried a few, but this one is my favorite.  This stuff is awesome - it's moisturizer, sunscreen, and a sheer makeup base all in one!
  • If I'm going to be out in the sun any longer than it takes me to walk from my car to the nearest air conditioned building, then I also apply sunscreen to all exposed skin.  My skin burns SO easily.  Mission is my preferred brand - it's sweatproof and paraben free.  
  • If the occasion allows for it, I usually try to wear a hat too to further protect my scalp, ears, and face.  I have a couple of go-to's with my current favorite being similar to this one (I'm loving this men's version too).  But I'm also digging this DIY straw hat.  I'm obsessed with that feather trim.
That covers my necessities.  Do you do anything else to beat the heat/humidity/UV rays/bugs?

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