Monday, July 1, 2013

Lovely Weekend and a Busy Week!

So S and I took a road trip out to Mississippi this past weekend to visit my youngest, brother, D!  The drive was longer than I had expected, but we had fun listening to music, talking, snacking, and at lulls, S would read interesting tidbits to me from his car magazines (I'm SO jealous that he can read in the car - I get motion sick if I even look at a book....).  I finally got to see D's new house, which was very nice.  He's still in decorating mode, and so to help him out I brought artwork as a housewarming gift.  He still has a lot of blank wall space but that's part of the fun of getting a house!
We spent our free time there sleeping in a bit (til noon on Saturday.  we're such bums), doing some shopping for the house (I gave D some more art ideas), staring at a really cool dragonfly in D's front yard, eating pudding shots and watching fireworks, and, of course, playing Rummikub!  Overall it was fun, relaxing, and we really enjoyed ourselves!
On the drive home we caught a gorgeous sunset.  I think next time I may just fly out to visit him (the Southwest flights are actually pretty affordable) to save time, but the road trip was definitely worth it this trip.  Thanks, D, for having us over and showing us around your new neighborhood!

And it's a good thing we caught up on sleep this past weekend because this week is going to be busy!!!  Our friend K is in town and so tonight we're all going out for dinner with some other friends that want to hang out with her too.  Tomorrow night we're hosting a game night so even more friends can hang out with K as well (a lot of people are going out of town for the long weekend).  Wednesday night we're going to the Astros game to celebrate a birthday and then, of course, Thursday is the 4th!  So much going on!!!

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