Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Busy Bee

Amazingly enough, I not only managed to mostly catch up on sleep this weekend (2 mornings of sleeping in plus a whopping 2 naps!) but I also managed to be productive.  I spent time with my friend H at her little boy's first birthday party, I vacuumed and cleaned the bathroom at my place, we met neighbors at S's neighborhood pool party, caught up with friends, and I washed sheets and towels, organized the linen closet, and did dishes at S's place.  

Even with all of that productiveness, I still feel like I got a chance to relax and reset.  Which is good, because I'm supporting on console this week which means it's busy, busy, busy!  And we're keeping busy outside of work too.  After work tonight we're headed into town to cross another restaurant off of our list (we're trying to be proactive about this while I still have the convenience of a place in town).  Tomorrow we're hitting up Cullen's for steak night and trivia with B and hopefully a few other friends.  Thursday is bowling, and Friday we're going to Alamo Drafthouse to watch the new Wolverine movie!  Our weekend is empty as of now, but with the way things have been going, I'm sure that will change soon enough...

Speaking of insects that bite/sting, is it just me or are the mosquitoes worse than usual this year?!  I've been getting eaten alive!

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