Friday, July 26, 2013

Have a Deliciouis Weekend

I don't have much planned this weekend, so I decided to go on a foodie/cooking spree.  Tonight we're headed out for some classic Texas BBQ to bid farewell to some friends of our who are moving back to Florida this weekend (boo!).  Tomorrow I'm going to forgo my typical Saturday late-breakfast sandwich (just toast, avocado and/or cheese, with egg or in my case egg white.  it's easy and tasty) for a smorgasbord lunch of egg-free crab cakes, watermelon with fontina and dill, and spicy oven-roasted chick peas!  Saturday night we're headed into town to cross another restaurant off of our list (and maybe hit up a movie?  we haven't been to the theater in ages and there are so many summer blockbusters we want to see).  Sunday we're headed back to our old favorite, Eatsie Boys, for brunch and then I plan to get busy in the kitchen again.  I'm hoping to whip up some lemon, sesame, and garlic hummus and a double batch of bread and butter pickles with a kick (Scott and I both LOVE pickles!)  We'll see how much I get done, but they're all fairly basic recipes and I don't have anything else that I have to get done, there's no reason I shouldn't be able to bang them all out. 

Any fun plans or new recipes for you this weekend?

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