Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sunscreen - It's Not Just For the Beach

Sorry I didn't post yesterday - it's been a busy week already.  And after my very eventful weekend, all the busy-ness seems to already neccesitate caffiene - fantastic.  As for my weekend, I went to Austin with S and our friend K for SXSW!  It wasn't a heavily planned trip.  We just kind of meandered, listened to music, ate good food, and all got horrible sunburns.  I'm usually so good about sunscreen too... We drove out Friday night after hijacking K from the airport and grabbing some dinner at Gringo's (pretty good texmex and free soft serve after dinner!) and after chatting for a bit with S's aunt (she was nice enough to put us up for the weekend) we all crashed hard. 
Sunday started off with super yummy Tacodeli breakfast tacos (The Otto was by far my favorite).  Afterwards we wound up at the park at Auditorium shores where there was a stage set up along with some food and craft/vintage booths.  I picked up an awesome teal silk jacket at one of the vintage booths and we all sipped on our new drink obsession: agua frescas.  It's just water infused with fresh fruits, but it's so freaking refreshing.  My fave was watermelon and pineapple.  After listening to a couple of bands there while lounging in the shade, we meandered over to South Congress in search of the Hey Cupcake! food truck.

There were bands playing in every open parking lot along the way and grassy lots were filled to the brim with artisan tents.  We eventually found the truck which, to my dismay, no longer carries vegan cupcakes.  The whole reason I was hunting for the truck to begin with.  Boo!  I lived vicariously through S and K and then consoled myself with some Amy's Ice Cream (Chocolate Grand Marnier - yum!).  Along our South Congress travels we saw some iconic Austin, including the phallic Austin Motel sign, the "i love you so much" graffitti, and a fantastic quote at Doc's "Skinny jeans don't make you look skinny".  Awesome.  It was at this point that we also realized that we should have applied sunscreen before leaving the house.  We weren't red yet, but all of us were just a little pink.  More walking around had us red before long.  It was the only unfortunate part of our trip.
We eventually wound up taking refuge at Kung Foo Saloon where S excitedly drank his favorite Austin brews on tap and we had fun with all of their arcade games.  I won the skeeball battle with a high score of 530!  On our way back to S's aunt's place we detoured to Whole Foods to pick up some beer for dinner (this one was incredible!).  We dined at The Salt Lick (which is BYOB) that night and ate some fantastic bbq.  It was on my Austin list, so I happily crossed that one off.  We then rolled ourselves and our full tummies back into the car and headed to S's aunt's place to crash.  The next morning I got to cross another restuarant off my list after we had brunch at Magnolia Cafe.  I didn't get to eat them (the egg thing), but I did get to smell their gingerbread pancakes.  Based on smell alone, I'd highly recommend.  After brunch we hit the road and after getting home to Houston, spent the evening at my friend R's place for a St. Patty's Day shindig complete with Irish stew, corned beef and cabbage, Irish soda bread with whiskey soaked cranberries (amazing!) and boozy shamrock shakes.  Awesome end to the weekend!

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