Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy Passover!

Passover (also known a Pesach) started last night at sundown.  My family in Florida was all gathered together for a seder at my cousin's house (even my parents were in town for spring break) and I was missing them all so much.  So I spent my evening whipping up some classic Passover foods that reminded me of my family.  I made my modified version of my grandma's chicken soup w/ matzo balls except the store was out of parsnips, so I just used a little extra turnip and carrot.  I decided to put a new spin on the matzo balls this year too, and tried out this recipe for saffron matzo balls.  I think I used sub par saffron (it's from a spice booth at a random farmers market) so I didn't get a ton of flavor out of it, but the golden color was just lovely.

I also put together the fixings for a slow cooker brisket, which is currently simmering away back in my kitchen while I type.  Brisket and I have a love hate relationship.  I love to eat it, but it hates to be made by me (my first try I accidentally bought a corned beef brisket - BIG MISTAKE!)  This time I accidentally opened and poured half a packet of matzo ball mix on the brisket before I realized it wasn't onion soup seasoning.  I managed to wash most of it off of the meat and vegetables, which was time consuming since all of the veges had already been cut into bite sized pieces.  So we'll see how it turns out.  If it's good, I'll give you the recipe tomorrow...

And since this is S's first year experiencing anything to do with Passover, I'm also thinking I'll have to whip up some matzo brei (yolk free for me, though) doused in sugar and syrup, just so he can try it.  It reminds me so much of my childhood with my mom and my grandma cooking it up for breakfasts, it's another one of those quintessential Passover dishes.

I'm also inspired this year to try some new passover desert recipes.  Most passover deserts are chock full of eggs.  Since we can't have leavened grains, egg is the replacement stabilizer.  So needless to say, my options are limited.  I was thinking of making the macaroons I made back in 2011 and dipping them in chocolate.  Yum.  There's always the Matzoh Crack that I linked to back in 2012.  And the new addition I've discovered this year is Greek Yogurt Chocolate Mousse. Sounds pretty good, right?  I'll let you know how it turns out!

Note: all of my new recipes are from The Shiksa in the Kitchen and she has a ton of other good ones too, check them out here.

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