Friday, March 8, 2013

Have an Inspired Weekend!

Did you know that today (and March 8 every year for that matter) is International Women's Day?  I'm not sure why, but this never really registered on my radar before today.  Or if it ever did, I promptly forgot.  I'm not sure if I love the idea of this day (you know, women's empowerment and all) or hate it.  Why would I hate it?  By celebrating just women, we are once again segregating ourselves from men.  If we want to work/compete in the same arena as men and bill ourselves as equals, should we be shining a giant spotlight on our differences?  If a woman accomplished something that benefits humanity, then by all means, celebrate her, just as if any man had done it.  And it would certainly behoove us to recognize the women who were trail blazers for the rest of us in the modern world.  But a month (March is Women's History Month), or even a day, celebrating it kind of screams "treat us differently" to me.  It started back in 1909 when obviously there were large discrepancies in men's vs women's rights and we were screaming "treat us the same", so that makes sense to me (the history of this day is actually quite interesting).  But now in 2013 it doesn't accomplish those same goals.  Although it did make me take a step back this morning and reflect on all of the women who worked hard for women's rights and for women's equality in the work place that have allowed me to be where I am today.  Which makes my opinion trend more toward love than hate, because anything that causes positive reflection has to be good, right?

Speaking of things international, I'll be spending my evening with S and some friends at a French festival, gorging myself on wine and cheese and whimpering next to the crepe stand (they're made with egg yolks...) I've always said I could live on bread, cheese, and wine so I'm very much looking forward to it!  Tomorrow we'll be attending the Azalea Trail  for some home and garden voyeurism (remember when I went last year?) and then headed to a friend's house for a get together.  And on Sunday we're going to see Oz The Great and Powerful!  I'm SOOOOOO excited for this movie!!! 

I'm obviously looking forward to my weekend.  Do you have any fun plans for yours?

(top picture of astronaut Anna Lee Fisher)

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