Friday, March 1, 2013

Hope Your Weekend is a Blast!

Despite the pace of my busy and somewhat stressful week, I'm shocked that I managed to get a whopping 4 blog posts in!  Work was crazy up through Wednesday and, thankfully, it's now tapered down a bit.  Of course the big news around here today is the SpaceX-2 launch that occurred this morning, followed shortly by issues pressurizing the Dragon capsule's propellant tanks, which didn't allow the capsule to maneuver in space.  The prop system was finally recovered around 3:00 EST and Dragon finally transitioned from free drift to active control, but it took long enough to fix that the Dragon won't be rendezvousing with the Space Station tomorrow as planned.  If you were hoping to watch NASA's live feed of the dock, it will most likely happen on Sunday now... You can read more about the prop issue here and you can see a cool video of the stage 1 and 2 rocket separation from today's launch here!
In other news, last night I went to my second Irish punk rock show in as many weeks.  Dropkick Murphy was fun and energetic and I really enjoyed the music.  If you need something lively to accompany your green beer on St. Patrick's Day, I'd highly recommend looking them up!

As for my weekend plans, I don't really have any.  I do have a list of things I eventually want to accomplish, including upcoming travel plans, doing my taxes, finishing touches on my place, some art/craft projects I have planned, and doing some more exploring of the city.  But I've been a bit overextended lately, and so my plan is to work on these projects if I feel up for it, and otherwise just relax and go with the flow for the next couple of days.  With the way things have been going lately, I'm sure something fun will pop up, so I'll be sure to fill you in on any exciting details on Monday.

What about you?  Any fun plans?

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