Monday, March 25, 2013

Happy Tastebuds

I had a foodie-licious weekend!  It started off on Saturday morning with my AWESOME boyfriend S making me egg-free crepes!  The batter was a bit of a trial and error type thing, the first couple turned out a bit more pancake-esque than crepe-y, but he figured it out and they were delicious!  We used nutella, strawberries, bananas, fresh lemon juice, sugar, and almond butter as our fillings.  The winners?  Nutella with banana and strawberry and the lemon and sugar with strawberries.  Strawberries were apparently our crepe super-food!
After our delicious breakfast, we headed over to the brewery, where I got to make new friends, play some "drinking Jenga" (who knew?) and Cards Against Humanity.  We went to Local Pour again afterwards (we were just there Thursday and it was quite good!), and then made our way back to my place to start planning our Germany trip.   We ended the night with a late dinner of broiled salmon, asparagus, and rice.
Sunday was the food truck festival, which was not quite what I expected, but well executed none the less.  There were HUGE lines at some of our favorite trucks, which actually wound up working out well for us as we were then pushed to try newer trucks.  We brought a picnic blanket and chairs and would have someone "holding down the fort" while the others hunted for the next delicious food truck fare.  My favorites from the day were the tortilla crusted tillapia with mango glaze and pico de gallo from St. John's Fire and the truffled fries from Bernie's Burger Bus.  The 5 hours we were there just seemed to fly by and before I knew it, we were leaving with full bellies and minor sunburns (my ears are bright red!  how did I not learn my lesson from last time?!?!?)  Sunday night we saw the Houston Symphony Orchestra play the score to West Side Story live while the movie played.  It was so seamless that at times I forgot the orchestra was even there, a fantastic experience.  We were pretty exhausted from our long day in the sun and late night, so we crashed hard when we got home.  It was a very fun and successful weekend!

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