Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Kitchen Reveal!

Sorry I didn't post yesterday, but except for lounging in bed and on the couch (S was sick so we laid low) as well as some general productiveness around the house, I didn't have much from my weekend to report.  The result of that productiveness, however, is a FINALLY finished kitchen!!!  You remember the ugly wood-paneled monstrosity pictured above from this post?  And then I showed you the mid-process photo with primer up.  Well, here she is, the finished product:
Is the improvement not mind boggling?!?  I do still need to put up curtains in the window (I'm going to try to make my own with this fabric), but just the airiness and brightness of the space (even at night when I took this photo) is orders of magnitude better!  One other potential fix that I'm considering is going back in and painting the cabinet hardware silver (it doesn't come off the cabinets, so it was easier to just paint it white with all of the wood) but it's hardly a necessity at this point.  I'm really loving everything just how it is!
And another shot for you.  Here you can clearly see my new shelves and how I even painted the hideous wall panels a fresh coat of white.  Here are some before and after comparisons to astound you further:

You can see where I pushed the fridge over toward the wall to cover that doorway to the useless hallway, which is now camouflaged storage.  I was then able to fit my butcher block island from IKEA against the wall which nearly doubled my counter space!  I added shelving to the left of the fridge and over the butcher block for additional storage (I plan to stock up on more of these boxes from IKEA).  I covered the visible portion of the doorway with a cheap white curtain and added some art above the fridge to camouflage it further.  I also brought my citrus-themed paintings that have followed me from Florida.  Voila, my awesome upgraded kitchen! 

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