Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Flat Tires and Miscellaneous Fun

Had a rough day yesterday.  Left work to find that my right front tire was flat, flat, flat.  I'm a big girl and I know how to change a tire, so I set to work pulling out the spare and tools.  A bunch of guys stopped by while I was at work.  Some to just watch and stare (they didn't know how to change a flat and were amazed that I did...) and some to offer help.  I politely declined most of the help, though one guy did give me a little extra elbow grease in loosening up the bolts.  When I had the tire off (source of the flat - a giant punctured it) and the spare on, I toddled my car over to the mechanic.  They were all amazed I had changed my own tire too...  Do most girls not know how to do this???  My dad taught me when I first started driving and, since this isn't my first flat, it's been an extremely useful skill to have.  Anyway, got a ride to S's place to crash for the night, he gave me a ride to work this morning, and I'm picking up my (fixed) car shortly.  Nothing Earth shattering, but a long day none the less.  So to lighten the mood a bit, some random funnies for you today:

 Hehehe.  Enjoy your day!

(funnies from here, here, and here)

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