Monday, January 7, 2013

Who Wants a Mustache Ride?

Best discovery this weekend:  there's a park near my house that has a seesaw shaped like a mustache - who wants a mustache ride???  They also have a community garden - I must find out how to get involved with that!!!  Though with my black thumb, they'd probably kick me out rather quickly....

I spent most of my weekend relaxing, as advertised.  The kitties were THRILLED.  After being "abandoned" for nearly 2 weeks, they barely left my side all weekend and remained in a near constant state of purr.  I did make it out of the house a couple of times.  Once to eat at the Black Labrador, a British pub not too far from my place.  It's walking distance but since it was raining we opted to drive.  The food, especially the shepherd's pie was awesome, but the service was less than stellar.  I'd go back, but it would definitely be on a day I wasn't in any kind of rush what-so-ever.  We finished the meal off with a Monty Python - hot cocoa, coffee, butterscotch liqueur, and homemade whipped cream.  Best drink for a cold rainy day!  We met up with friends for a bit on Saturday night at Fox and Hound and also hit up the Monster PB&J truck again on Sunday.  We opted to walk there because the weather was gorgeous and that's when I discovered the park and the mustache.  

We also were mildly productive around the house with S setting up my internet for me (Comcast sucks, btw...) and I took down all of my holiday decorations and got a few boxes and bags from the move emptied.  But overall we rested, and I recovered from my cold.  I'm down to a sporadic cough and mild runny nose now and I'm feeling pretty well rested.  It was a good weekend....

Did you do anything fun?

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