Wednesday, January 16, 2013

To Buy or Not To Buy, That is the Question

Yeah, so the holidays took a little more out of me financially than I had planned, and I'm attempting to budget a bit because I still want to buy a few things to update my new place like a bar cart and shelf for my dining room.  I'm not exactly on a spending hiatus, as I previously was, but I'm trying to save for the stuff I really want/need.  Especially since I have so many trips planned for this coming year too.  But, as usual, I'm lusting over a couple of things online and I can't decide if I should cave in or not...
I've been eyeing this Marmot vest for a couple of years now.  I tried it on in store once and it was so gorgeous.  It's on sale right now (which is rare in a size and color I want), but it's still not cheap.  It would be so warm and comfy and cute for my ski trip though....
I've decided I want the Sedgewick bar cart, and I know that, per my earlier statement, it is being budgeted for and therefore it shouldn't be a problem.  But it's pricey.  And I could definitely find a vintage one for cheaper.  So do I go for the instant gratification and splurge on the awesome new one or let my liquor bottles remain in boxes behind my couch until the day I happen across the perfect vintage piece?  I'm getting antsy with my decorating and instant gratification is sounding oh so good....
I'm always on the lookout for the perfect slouchy t-shirt.  Most supposedly "perfect" ones run around $80, which I will absolutely not spend on a t-shirt.  I've heard good things about this brand and at $17 it will hardly break the bank, but for some reason I'm still hesitating.  I don't really need another t-shirt, but what if it truly is a perfect, slouchy one??
And finally, I've been eying these cheeky Jonathan Adler Calories, Carbs, and Confections canisters for a while and they finally went on sale.  They're not too pricey (only $36 for the set), and they'd look super cute on the shelves I plan to install in my kitchen, especially since they go with my citrus color theme.  But once again, they're strictly a want, not a need.

What do you think?  Should I cave on any of these??

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