Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Good as Gold

I have a new addition to my vintage-filled home!  I can still remember the first time I saw this gorgeous, Hollywood Regency brass etagere (fancy word for shelf) in the Almeda Antique Mall in the Houston area, and I fell in love.  Problem was, it was October 2011 and I was unemployed and still living in Florida.  Bummer.  I remember going back again with my friends a number of months later and it was still there.  And I still drooled over it.  But there was no way it would fit in my tiny apartment in Webster, TX.  Bummer #2.  But now I'm in a new, bigger, awesome duplex.  It's in Houston and it has room to spare!  I was reminded of it when I spotted this "bar cart" on etsy for over $400 with shipping (looks familiar, right?), so that same day I drove over to the antique mall to see if the brass shelving unit of my dreams was still there.  To my immense surprise and delight, it was and they were only asking $350 for this huge brass and glass beauty.  I talked them down to $300 and it was mine!!!  S helped me pick it up and move into my dining room this weekend and I'm SO psyched!  Especially since I found the same shelf here and here for over $1000 and an iron and wood version here for over $1,500!!! I got mine for only $300 people!!!

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