Thursday, January 10, 2013


Really sorry I've been dropping the ball on blog posts again.  It's been a crazy busy week with work and I'm still recovering from being sick, so priorities have shifted.  Yesterday we had annual space toilet maintenance on ISS and I had to be at work and on console at 2:30 am.  Yup.  Then I had a meeting I had to support at 12, which pushed my business day out to approximately 11 hours of pretty much non-stop work.  Since I got out of work while government offices were still actually open, I finally made my way over to the Texas Tax Office to renew my expired car registration (oops) and then to the mechanic to get my, once again lapsed, emission check done so I didn't have to drive in fear any longer.  After that and a couple more errands, plus the fact that I'm still sporting a runny nose and sporadic cough, needless to say I was dead on my feet.

The nice part is, I was able to flex some extra time off for today, so I get to head home early and relax on the couch.  I might even try to get around to hanging some stuff on the walls in my  new place!  Now that I've taken down all of the holiday decorations it's looking rather naked in there.  And I promise I'll start posting some pictures soon.  I just need to get more unpacking and decorating done first.  And unfortunately that won't be happening this weekend since I'm once again going to be traveling - this time to Chicago to see the fam and to celebrate my best friend K's impending bundle of joy at her baby shower!  So don't expect a post tomorrow.

Damn, this year is not off to an auspicious start in terms of my blogging...

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