Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Making Progress

Over the past week I've cracked down on getting stuff done around my new place. With some help from S of course.   I have all of the tape edging up in the dining room in preparation for the black wall paint that I'm hoping to get up in the next couple of weeks.  S fixed the leaking piping that lead to the ice maker in my fridge and so I was able to turn the water to the washing machine and get about 4 loads of laundry done, including those for towels and sheets, which are now stored in their room-appropriate locations.  We broke out the drill on Sunday and installed the bookshelves in the guest room, reading lights in my bedroom, and the ever important bottle opener that my brothers got me for Hanukkah in the kitchen:
On Monday I got most of the guest room organized by emptying all of the bags of books that lined the shelf under the window (bookshelves are now full!), the wrapping paper and art supplies into the well organized shelves of my craft closet (you can see it in on the left side of the top picture. we'll see how long that lasts...), and clearing the remainder of the linens, i.e. beach towels and afghans, out of the boxes in the other guest room closet.  All I really have left to do in there is hang the curtains and a piece of artwork over the bed and I think I'll be done!  All I have left in my bedroom is the curtains as well (I finally got both curtain rods and curtains, so hopefully this will happen soon!)  Making progress! 

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