Monday, January 28, 2013

I Can Talk Again!!!

My weekend was pretty rough since the laryngitis was still in full force for most of it.  I attempted to go out and have fun on Saturday, and I was successful until eventually all of the activity caught up with me and I got a horrible headache and started feeling light-headed.  My friends told me I all of a sudden just turned white.  So I spend Saturday evening/night and most of Sunday in bed.  But the good news is by Sunday evening my voice was coming back!  It was about 80% back by my afternoon presentation today too, which was a relief.  As for the part of my weekend that I did spend out and about, here's the rundown:
We woke up Saturday morning somewhat late, but since I hadn't been feeling well we just let ourselves go along at a leisurely pace.  Around 11:30, K showed up and we all headed over to a small gathering of food trucks for "breakfast".  We all chose to eat at St. John's Fire, which was a new one for us, and oh my was it delicious!  I got the Hot & Crispy Chicken sandwich filled with what I think was a sesame breaded chicken filet, fig preserves, applewood smoked bacon, and torched brie and I also got to taste the fried crawfish mac and cheese balls - yum!  Apparently the Cajun egg roll and tex-mex fries were also quite tasty.  From there we headed out on the Houston Modern Home Tour.  After we got through 4 of the 7 houses on the list we hit up Lankford's Grocery (we've been wanting to try them for a while, but they're only open til 3pm Monday-Saturday!).  They are known for their burgers and they didn't disappoint.  I tried the classic burger with swiss and avocado and it was juicy and delicious.  S got the Wasabi burger with pineapple, red onions, and swiss as well as one of their pineapple shakes (the guy is a sucker for pineapple) and he polished it all off, so it must have been good!  After our late "lunch" we hit up our fifth and final house on the tour, which was up in the Heights, and since we were in the area we dropped in on some friends for a bit.  It was around here that the day caught up with me and I was dropped off at home before S and K headed back out for the Houston Auto Show and a birthday celebration with friends at Liberty Station.  It sounded like a really fun evening and I was bummed to miss it, but I had to listen to my body and it said "sleep!"
Here are some of the highlights from the Modern House Tour.  Our overwhelming favorite was the first home we went to, which was a classic mid-century modern ranch style with big windows, a built in bar (look on the website - it was amazing), and it even had a vintage built in television.  The top left picture is the front entry way at that house.  I loved all of it.  While we were there, we noticed a "for sale by owner open house" sign a few houses down - another mid-century ranch, so we moseyed on over there and checked that one out too - original kitchen cabinets, gorgeous stone floors, and a a built-in barbecue out back had me drooling, but when they indicated that the selling price was somewhere in the $800-900K range the glaze left my eyes pretty quickly...  From there the houses became decidedly more modern.  Very minimal, clean lines, sparse furnishings and kind of cold feeling.  We weren't totally digging them, but there were a few stand out features like free standing bathtubs (want one!!!), art work, a very cool teal bathroom with huge art, a bronze branch chandelier and a super modern sink, and a fun bar vignette just inside the entrance to a gorgeous rooftop deck.  Check out the website for more pictures too!

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