Thursday, June 7, 2012

Have a Seat

After I bought the dresser for my guest room two months ago, I swore I was done buying furniture for a while.  I don't have room for anymore.  But there was one issue I hadn't thought of: my dining room chair and tables are kind of a mess.  I only have 3 chairs because one has been broken ever since I got the dining set from a friend of the family.  Additionally, one of the other chairs has a detached seat that slides off of the chair whenever someone tries to sit down.  The table has seen better days as well with chips along the edges and water stains all over the top...  I've toyed around with the idea of refinishing them, but the table is probably a lost cause with the chips and all and the broken chair is pretty far gone at this point.  It kills me to say this, but I should probably look into replacing them.  I've never gotten rid of mid-century modern furniture before, I've only bought and hoarded it so this is a tough concept for me to wrap my mind around.  The table is still functional, so it's not really my priority at the moment.  My main issue is chairs since I only have 2 functional ones.  Not to mention, chairs are freaking expensive!  I've found some moderately priced, stylish options on that I'm considering.  What do you think:
Red Tabouret | Red Camden | Red Cushion Tulip
1. Red chairs.  All of my furniture is pretty neutral and it might be fun to spice up my dining room with a shot of red.  The first chairs are currently my first choice in this category as I like the design and they've designer approved by my favorite, Emily Henderson.  They look a tad flimsy on overstock but a bit more substantial in Emily's pictures, and the smallish size and stack-ability in my small apartment would be appropriate.  The second set is simple, classic lines, sturdier looking, and even a little cheaper.  But they're also a little boring.  The third chair is just kind of a whim.  It's super pricy but awesome.  I probably won't go that route but it's fun to dream...
Retro Armchairs | Silver Tabouret
2. Neutral chairs.  I probably won't go with solid wood replacement chairs as they're crazy expensive and hard to match to the wood stain of the rest of my dining room.  But I've found these two other options instead.  I've been contemplating for a while getting these awesome retro moulded plastic armchairs.  I wouldn't need to get rid of all of my current dining room chairs then, I would keep the two functional ones and just use the armchairs at the ends of the table. I love this idea because then I wouldn't totally have to give up on my current dining set.  And then there are the same Tabouret chairs from above in steel instead of red.  The silver will still complement the wood table but it wouldn't have the visual shock of the red.

With the exception of the fun tulip chairs, none of these options would cost much more than $200 for a functional, stylish dining room update.  So what to do???  Decisions, decisions....

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