Monday, June 4, 2012

Another Fun Weekend in Austin

It was my friend (and former roomie) R's birthday this weekend so I drove out to Austin to celebrate with her, her boyfriend T, and 60 of T's closest friends!  He threw a "Klassy" birthday party for her at his house on Friday including beer pong using plastic champagne saucers, a bouncy gladiator ring, oven smores, and a cake that had so many candles on it, it just looks like a seriously huge flame in pictures...
The next day we had an English breakfast (bacon back, bangers, sauteed mushrooms, roasted tomato, toast fried in bacon fat, and eggs - the toast and tomato were insanely good!), cleaned the house up a bit, chilled, and then headed back out to get dinner at a design-your-own-sushi-roll place.  I had mine made with soy paper, brown rice, salmon, avocado, asparagus, marinated red onion, and masago and it was pretty darn good!  After we headed to a friend's house for what is probably my new favorite card game: Cards Against Humanity.  I was laughing so hard I was crying at some points in the game (warning: it is NOT politically correct...) - it is hysterical and I immediately had to buy a box of them for myself (a little pricy but totally worth it!).  After that we headed to the bar for a bit and then made a semi-early night of it in preparation for Sunday's plans.
Sunday I went on my first party boat!  Since I had to stay sober for my drive back to Houston that evening, I volunteered to drive out to Lake Travis to avoid riding the semi-ghetto party bus - good move.   There was an engine issue when we first tried to push off so we wound up spending an hour and a half partying at the dock before we headed out to a near by island. 
The whole experience was a blast though!  Lots of drinking (not me, everyone else) including flip cup and upside down margaritas, swimming, rock climbing, grilling, eating, chilling on the upper deck, and chatting with the other 139 people on the boat...  After a whole day spent outdoors with the sun and the swimming, followed by a 3 hour drive home, I was completely and totally exhausted.  Waking up today was not easy.  But overall, I had a fantastic weekend!

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