Monday, December 5, 2011

I'm Back!

I appologize hugely for that huge void in blogging.  Once I got laid off, I spent a lot of time travelling and applying for jobs.  Between not being at a computer while travelling and then spending too much time on the computer filling out job applications, blogging just sort of fell by the wayside...

So what has happened since you last heard from me?  Well, the big news is I am employed and living in Houston, TX!!!  I had 3 job interviews while unemployed, one with Sierra Nevada Corporation near Boulder, CO for their new commercial crew vehicle (I didn't have the right experience for the design position I applied for), one with Boeing in Houston working International Space Station manufacturing (I didn't get the job I interviewed for, but I was offered a contracting position in the same group, which I where I'm working now) and another with Boeing in Houston working design and analysis for the Boeing commerical crew vehicle and the ISS.  I am still waiting to hear back on that last one as I'd really like to be a full time Boeing employee again rather than a contractor.  Last week was my first week of work and it went really well.  I'm excited about the ISS projects they are doing here and can't wait until I get to immerse myself in them a bit more.

I am currently living with my friend B and her husband J while I wait for my apartment to become available.  I fell in love with a gorgeous apartment in a wooded preserve that has vaulted ceilings and a fire place, but it isn't available until the end of December.  J and B awesomely volunteered to help me out and provide me with a place to crash for my first month out here.  So the kitties and I loaded into the car and drove out just before Thanksgiving.  We're having a lot of fun living in TX so far, which has included a trip to an aquarium in Galveston, lots of fantastic seafood, and time spent hanging out with friends.

I'm heading back to Florida for the holidays to see family.  This is also when I'll officially be moving out of my townhouse and getting it recarpeted in hopes that it will rent out soon.  So if you know of anyone in the KSC area looking to rent an awesome 3 bedroom townhouse, let me know!

(pictures from here, here, and here)

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