Monday, December 12, 2011

Not Enough Sleep

I just had a crazy busy weekend!!!  Friday night I headed to a poker/birthday party with a bunch of friends.  I actually wound up playing really well!  (I was kicking butt at one point but then I got a bit cocky...)  I got 3rd place in both games I played and wound up breaking even for the night.  Only problem?  We were there playing until 4:00 am and I didn't get to sleep until 4:30. 
This probably wouldn't have been a problem under normal circumstances, but the next morning I had to head out early to try to snag a craigslist deal.  I left the house at 9:00 am - you can do the math - and then the actual item I was going to buy wasn't even that great so I didn't make the purchase.  B had accompanied me on the trip and so we decided that since we were already up that we'd stock up on supplies for a couple of craft projects we'd been wanting to do.  We figured we'd just take a nap later in the day before we went out for our evening activities.  Yeah.... didn't happen.  We got so caught up in our art activities that we lost track of time and had to rush out the door for another friend's birthday dinner.  Note to self: when already completely exhausted, margaritas aren't as useful as caffeine...
After dinner we headed to yet another friend's house for some holiday cookie decorating.  For reasons unknown to me I voted myself cookie-coordinator.  It was madness!  By the time we got home around 11:00 I barely had the energy to take off my makeup before I passed out!
I slept in on Sunday, which was nice, and my dad arrived in town around 2:00 with my new (used) car!  I sold my peeling little green carolla a week ago and put that money, plus a little more, toward buying my dad's 2008 Impala, which he drove down from Illinois for me this weekend!  He also brought me some more of my mom's homemade yolk-free chocolate chip cookies!  I spent the rest of Sunday showing my dad around Houston, hanging out, and just having a really lovely time.  Until I had to wake up at 4:00 am this morning to take him to the airport.  Ouch.
So my super fun yet sleep deprived weekend has left me absolutely exhausted today (as if Mondays aren't bad enough already).  To add insult to injury I'm supposed to go to spin class tonight as well...

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