Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Beating the Chill

One of the reasons I chose the apartment that I'm moving into at the end of the month, despite the fact that it wouldn't be ready immediately, was the fireplace!  I absolutely love the idea of cozying up in front of a fire with a good book in cool weather.  Living in Florida, this was never an option.  Based on the the last 2 weeks, though, Houston is looking promising in terms of providing fireplace-worthy temperatures (it was 40 degrees when I woke up this morning and I kind of loved it!)  So I'm already getting super psyched about ways I can decorate around my new favorite feature of my abode.  I can't decide if I should go quirky, modern, mid century modern or art deco, though.  Here's what I'm eyeing:

Clockwise from left: Embroidered | Mid Century Modern | Art Deco | Modern
And then of course there are the fireplace tools as well.  I have to admit, I'm pretty sold on the ram's head ones, I'm just battling with the price a bit:
Ram's Head | Contemporary Iron
What do you think?  What style should I go for?

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  1. Ooooh, I really want the mid-century modern one! That's something we've never gotten for our fireplace. Maybe one of these days!