Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Wash of Color

Ever since taking those watercolor classes earlier this year, I've had a whole new appreciation for that particular aesthetic.  Not the wussy pastel types, but the bold washes of bright color.
I've been a fan of Christian Couteau's watercolor paintings since I discovered them.  The colorful portrayal of everyday scenes is so stunning.  Street of la Havanna is one of my favorites and the original work is available for sale here for a relatively reasonable price.

I'm so ready for a new iphone - my current 3G model is on the fritz.  Part of the reason I haven't bit the bullet yet is that I'm kind of in love with my phone cover, a bright peacock design in orange, red, and pink by Jonathan Adler.  However, after finding this lovely new cover I think I might be more willing to make the switch.
This is so-not-feasible for a renter, but how absolutely stunning is this watercolor wallpaper!?!  Someday...

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