Friday, December 16, 2011

Fun Weekend Plans!

I have a fantastic weekend planned, full of present wrapping, manicure getting, bicycle repairing, and antiquing!  I swung by Target during the week and stocked up on a few gift wrapping essentials (you know, bows, ribbon, 3-D mylar gift toppers, etc...).  I may tend to go a bit overboard but I have so much fun doing it!  I have also been getting good "nail vibes" from B lately (who has the most gorgeous, healthy natural finger nails I've ever seen) and mine have reached record lengths, so I've decided go get a gel manicure to preserve their awesome appearance for just a little bit longer until they remember that they are usually brittle and flimsy.  My friend H and I have also finally found matching breaks in our schedules and we're headed to this huge antique mall that we explored together back at the end of September.  I couldn't really buy much then because I didn't know how I'd transport it back to Florida, but since I live out here now I'm looking forward to being less limited!  And I finally got a bicycle too!  It's a fun, red, retro-looking Schwinn Point Beach cruiser and except for some minor dents on the front fender it looks brand new.  I just need to get the brakes fixed and then I can take her for a spin!

What about you?  Any fun plans this weekend?

(photos from here, here, here, and here)

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