Monday, April 1, 2013

Weekend In Review

Another fun weekend in the books!  I got to spend a lot of time with my brother, attend a friend's birthday party, hang out with my girlfriends, drive a go kart, caress a Lamborghini, and play a lot of Rummikub!  (Not surprisingly, I play Rummikub a lot better when I haven't consumed large quantities of wine.  My record drunk: 0-2.  My record sober: 5-2...)  In honor of Passover and at my brother's request, I also tried making Matzo Brei for the very first time this weekend.  The verdict: good, but not as good as grandma's.  Nothing ever is...
Masquerade-themed birthday party!
Boots galore at Texas Junk Co.  I didn't find a pair this trip, but I'm trying again in a couple of weeks!
First solo attempt at Matzo Brei! 
Go karting is a workout!  My shoulders were sore today!
Whipping around the curve!
Pretty, pretty, pretty Lambo.....

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