Monday, April 22, 2013

Second Spring

 I spent this past weekend up in New Jersey and it was wonderful to celebrate J's bridal shower, spend time with both my and her families, and enjoy my second spring this year.  The trees and flowers in New Jersey had all just started blooming and the riots of white, pink, purple, orange, and yellow that dotted the landscape were beautiful!
One of my family bonding experiences was with my brother as we toiled away on the new IKEA dining room set that my parents bought for the happy couple as a combined bridal shower/wedding gift.  The table was fairly straight forward, and the chairs were a bit annoying but once we figured them out we were able to bang through them pretty quickly.  Only problem was one chair that had a wrong piece!  Fail IKEA, FAIL!!!  The table and 7 chairs that we did get assembled looked fantastic in their dining room, though!
Other activities this weekend, beyond the obvious bridal shower, included getting my bridesmaid dress altered, checking out some nearby parks as potential sites for a post-wedding brunch, a rousing game of trivia that I nearly won (stupid sports trivia questions screwed me over...), a lovely dinner with J's family, hitting up the new cheese and chocolate shops in downtown Clinton (YUM!), and a 5 mile walk with my mom and J.

 You can see how gorgeous those flower filled trees were!  Overall it was a wonderful couple of days and I'm eagerly anticipating my next trip out there for their upcoming wedding in July!

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