Friday, April 12, 2013

Have a Tasty Weekend!

Well this weekend is going to have a lot of food-related activities and I couldn't be more excited!  Tomorrow is JSC's Annual Chili Cook-Off and I'm going to go for the first time!  I have a handful of friends that are actually competing on some of the teams.  And I happen to know that B is supplementing J's team with jello shots, so it will definitely be an entertaining afternoon!  Apparently it's just meat-based chili, no beans allowed, and I'm not a fan of super spicy.  But I feel this is just so quintessentially Texan...

On Sunday we're hitting up a Peruvian restaurant for brunch (I have a Groupon that's about to expire and I've been really excited to try this place - it's on my "list") and then I'm FINALLY heading out to Froberg Farm to do some strawberry picking!  I've been talking about this forever and this weekend it will definitely be happening.  Expect lots of awesome strawberry recipes to follow...

(picture from here)

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