Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Nice Ring to It

After the images from the Spring Balenciaga show started circulating on fashion blogs (picutred on the lower right image above), I  have become obsessed with hands full of gold rings.  I go through phases.  At one time I was enthralled with big, chunky rings.  After an unfortunate incidence in which I stabbed myself pretty seriously with a large, pointy stingray ring, I downgraded to thin, dainty bands.  I've been riding that bandwagon for a while now but after seeing the pictures from the Balenciaga show and other images of hands fully adorned in a mix of both thin and chunky gold rings I think the tides are turning.  I'm still going to wear my delicate bands, including my first knuckle rings that I'm thoroughly enamored with, but now I'm planning to mix in a few more fingers worth of gilt embellishment.
I just picked up, as a sort of early birthday present to myself, this set of 8 chunky gold rings from ASOS (for only $13!!!) to add to the mix.  There are some pretty, though slightly pricier, thin ring options from one of my favorite jewelry sites, Catbird, pictured here too.  Can't wait to start trying out a variety of dainty vs chunky gilded combinations!

(top pictures from here, here, here, and here)

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