Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mission to Mars

Over dinner last night the topic turned to the news worthy topic of the proposed one-way mission to Mars.  Aside from the fact that it is ONE WAY, the mission is also set to become the basis for a reality television show.  Apparently thousands of people have already applied...  While the idea of traveling to Mars is incredible and I hope we can achieve it in my lifetime, the whole thing as proposed just seems preposterous to me.  We don't have the technology to travel to and colonize Mars yet, so that will take a number of years to develop.  And then you never get to come back?  Ever?  Since the applicants chosen to go with have a good 10 years to train and let that fact sink in, I wonder if they'd come to regret the decision. Such a lonely existence.  And as one of my friends pointed out at dinner last night, the whole thing is a recipe for insanity (probably why the television idea would sell big).  Anyone crazy enough to spend the rest of their life confined with only a handful of other people in a small space on a planet that is uninhabited, unable to live without the aid of technology, unable to ever see their friends and families again would probably fail even NASA's limited psych exam.

I guess we'll see if it actually winds up happening.  If it does, the trip to Mars alone will take 3-7 months depending on the locations of both Earth and Mars in their orbits.  That's a pretty long non-stop trip.  Just how far is it to Mars?  Check out this really cool website to get an idea.

So what are your thoughts on all of this???

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