Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Living Room Updates

The room isn't ready to be unveiled yet - it still requires a few finishing touches.  One of which I need your advice on!   But first, here are a few sneak peaks:
Zoe has a new chair to cover in fur...
And I have succesfully swiss cheese-d the wall with nail holes...
As for the advice I need, that new chair (which I bought last week from a craigslist ad and which I'm completely and totally in love with) needs a little side table so whomever is reclining in it has a place to set their drink.  It needs to fit into a tight, wonky shaped space, so I'm thinking I want something small and round.  I've found these options and need help deciding.  The tables in the upper left and lower right I would probably cover with a glossy, lacquered paint - maybe in a yellow or chartreuse.  What do you think?
Clockwise from upper left: curvy pedestal table | orange tray table | simple pedestal table | wood and brass campaign table

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