Monday, September 15, 2014

Pedicures, Pub Crawls, and Autocross

Our weekend was mostly busy and very fun!  K got in on Friday and we started off the weekend by hitting up our favorite Sushi place for dinner and then relaxing on the couch with Draft Day (predictable, but pretty good). On Saturday while S helped a friend move, K and I went and got pedicures with B.  Afterwards, I grabbed some Starbucks with B (it was a frigid 75 degrees out and we needed something warm!!) and then headed into town with K and S's brother to meet up with S and friends for the September St. Arnold's Pub Crawl.  The bars were all over near where I used to live in town, but I'd only been to one of them before, so it was fun to discover all of the little hidden hole in the wall places I didn't know about.  After we got home we were pretty tired, so we just noshed on some veggies and dip and crackers and cheese while we watched another movie, The Other Woman (it was entertaining).
On Sunday, S had the autocross pretty much all day.  So K and I went out for a leisurely brunch together and then sat and talked for a few hours, a very nice start to the day!  In the afternoon I headed over to the autocross to see what it was all about.  S drove me through the course 5 times, and while I was definitely gripping the door handle and seat pretty hard, I think I managed ok.  By the 5th time I was no longer gritting my teeth or cursing out loud anymore either!
I left before S did and K was out watching the Bronco's game with friends, so I just vegged out on the couch for a few hours reading the third book in the Discovery of Witches series.  After S got home and took a quick nap, he helped me made my first batch of Federweisser!  I followed a recipe I found online with supplies purchased from Midwest Supplies Homebrewing & Winemaking. The starter juice was tasty, but very sweet.  I'm excited to see how it turns out!  I whipped up some mushroom risotto with shrimp and asparagus for dinner - yum.  And then just before bed I managed to finish my book! 

Final opinion of the All Souls Trilogy: I really liked how they used science to explain and justify the fantasy aspects of the books and I liked how the plot wasn't entire smooth.  The characters make mistakes and realize they need to try something different and switch plans.  And as a lover of historical fiction, I found the 2nd book of the series quite interesting.  The two main characters became a bit predictable and annoying by the end, but all of the quirky supporting characters were nuanced and relate-able.  Oh, and the intimacy scenes in the book were cringe-worthy.  If you read the series, then just skim past them.  I couldn't put the books down while I was reading them, though, so I obviously quite enjoyed them overall.   If you're looking for something with a bit of fantasy, a bit of science, and a bunch of history then these are a great read!

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