Thursday, September 11, 2014

Dressing Up the Door

I have been lusting after this doorbell for months and finally Rejuvenation had a sale for free shipping (normal shipping cost is $15, which is absolutely ridiculous for a tiny little doorbell) and so I jumped on it!  It arrived in the mail yesterday and of course I immediately had to install it.  I'm a fairly handy person, but this little doorbell was a pain in the rear end to hook up.  It has tiny little screws in the back to secure the wires and they fall out quite easily once loosened.  Thank goodness I somehow managed to find it after one fell out.  I also may have given myself a very mild shock as I vaguely recalled reading somewhere at some time that I didn't need to turn off the circuit when installing a dinky little doorbell (no clue where I read it and no, I didn't bother to confirm before pulling out wires) - whoops.  But it was worth every harried moment to step back and see this mid-century modern inspired glorious-ness next to the front door!  LOVE!

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