Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Living Room Reveal!

We were SUPER productive this past weekend!  The landscaping in the front yard has been reined in (and I have a ton of mosquito bites to show for it), the living room is pretty much all set up, we actually have a functional dining room, the guest room is ready for guests, our entry way is welcoming (pictured above), art has been rearranged, closets have been organized, and most other surfaces have been cleared of residual "stuff"!  Not only did we accomplish all of that, but we also managed to find time to take a trip into town on Saturday evening to meet my aunt at the Menil (I really enjoyed the Charles James exhibit) and the Cy Twombly Gallery (it was weird) followed by a yummy Mediterranean dinner (the food portions were insane, we have so many leftovers!!), and to run some errands on Sunday including swinging by the recycling center, buying some art frames, and meandering through Barnes & Noble while we waited out the rain storms.  I have absolutely no idea how we managed to fit so much stuff into one weekend and not feel completely exhausted by the end, but we were so darn proud of how the house was looking that I think we may have just been running on an adrenaline high.  So now, without further ado, our living room!
Here is our new charcoal grey u-shaped sectional.  Although I struggled to get the full U into the picture - it's pretty big!  My old and definitely degrading leather ottoman is our acting coffee table for the time being.  We really like having an ottoman there, so I think we're planning to either just get a new one or get this one reupholstered. 
While I definitely have more of the design aesthetic out of the two of us, I really wanted to make sure that S's interests were equally represented in our decor.  Hence the sword mixed in with some of  my favorites from my art collection.  The slope of the art arrangement mimics the slope of our vaulted ceiling.
The windows in this house rock my world (and the kitties' world too, that little section where the curtain is pulled back is where Zoe likes to sneak onto the window sill for her afternoon naps).  Scott's tv console fit perfectly under the right window and now holds all of our tech stuff.  My gold shelf from the dining room of my city apartment also makes an appearance here as well as a gorgeous mid century modern chair that I scored on craigslist last year.  I think this is my favorite little corner of the house!
Once again, I wanted to make sure that S's interests were represented in the styling of my gold shelf.  Luckily we're both space nuts, so the shuttle and constellation globes were perfect.  I also added his beautiful samurai sword, porsche model car, and pewter fantasy sculpture to even out with my menorah, art books, and quirky gift memorabilia.  I still have some work in styling the bottom shelf, but I love how it's turning out!  We also have a stockpile of little footstools and ottomans over here that we can pull out if we somehow need extra seating.

Another fun addition to the room that's hard to see in these pictures is our huge new black and royal blue rug that helps to add some more interest to the area (it was a lot of beige before) and pull it all together.  I still have a few more final touches to make on the dining room, guest room, and movie room and then I'll be posting reveals on those soon too!

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