Friday, September 12, 2014

Have a Fun Weekend!

It's somewhat funny that the height of excitement at KSC now is a space capsule being sent for fuel, but since the end of the Shuttle program, there hasn't been much excitement at all.  The big news this past week at KSC revolved around the completed Orion capsule being rolled out from the Operations and Checkout Building where it was being assembled (including heat shield tile installation!) and over to the Payload Hazardous Servicing Facility to get fueled up.  The Orion capsule is currently scheduled for it's first test launch on December 4 on a Delta IV Heavy rocket from Cape Canaveral, which IS very exciting - things are finally starting to happen!!!

So with that excitement out of the way, it's now time for a fun filled weekend to start!  Our friend K gets into town tonight and we have a LOT of potential plans this weekend.  Tomorrow S is helping a friend move while K and I indulge in some mani/pedi's, followed by a pub crawl in town.  On Sunday S is going to the autocross and has convinced me that I should come for a bit too for a ride in his car on the course.  I'm sure I'll be grasping my seat/door with white knuckles the entire time, but it might be fun??  And then I start making my first Oktoberfest Party recipe for the following weekend - homemade Federweisser!!!  Federweisser is a German "young wine" that is only fermented for 5-7 days.  It almost tastes like a cider (made out of grape juice instead of apple juice of course) and has a sweet flavor and a cloudy color.  We drank a ton of it last year in the Rhine region of Germany during our vacation out there and we're pretty psyched to see if we can successfully make it at home this year!  Also, the third and final part of the new Atlas Shrugged movie trilogy is out this weekend and the Altuzurra collection for Target becomes available on Sunday (the sweater with the bird detail is going to be my reward for white-knuckling it through the autocross!).  Plus we need to start getting everything ready for the Oktoberfest party (buy food/supplies, clean, set up, cook, etc).  So much to do!!

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