Friday, September 5, 2014

Have a Relaxing Weekend!

Things we absolutely will do this weekend: get a little snip-snip on my hair, sleep in, reign in the weed-infested landscape that is our front yard, clean around the house (we have company coming next weekend!), and meet up with my aunt for dinner tomorrow night.  Things we might do this weekend: read, cook, and rearrange artwork (new furniture arrangement = wonky art placement).  Things we definitely will NOT do this weekend: spend a lot of money.  My recent shopping spree (I got this sweater, this skirt, this AWESOME doorbell for the house, and a new pair of sunglasses) not to mention my recent Central Market binges have left me a little broke this week and so I'm trying to reign the spending back in.

Since dinner on Saturday is going to be spent out, dinner tonight and Sunday will most definitely be cooked IN.  Tonight we're having a smorgasbord of cheese from Specs Fest with sausage and crackers, leftover pineapple salsa with chips, and some sort of veggie I plan to grab from the grocery store.  It's a clean out the fridge type evening.  On Sunday, though I'm thinking of making either this kale, turkey sausage, and barley stew (it apparently is autumn now anyway, right?) or this shrimp, orzo, feta, herb and veggie dish to embrace the last of the summer produce.  And I think I just made up my mind writing that.... summer produce it is!

Do you have any fun plans this weekend?

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