Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Weekend in Review

We had yet another fun weekend.  I'm kind of starting to feel like a broken record saying that every week, but S and I still marvel at how we always have such a great time together!  This weekend started out with dinner and drinks out with friends to celebrate a birthday.  Boheme was super crowded, but it had a fun atmosphere and the food and drinks were pretty tasty.
We crashed at my place Friday night and slept in on Saturday morning.  The kitties love when we do this - weekend morning snuggles are what they live for!  Since we slept in, we didn't make it to Revival Market for their breakfast, as it ends at 11 am.  So instead we went out for brunch at Lola up in the Heights.  S got their fried chicken and waffle and the chicken was AMAZING!  After brunch we headed a few blocks up and went to Canino Market where I was finally able to find my squash blossoms!  I was super psyched and I stocked up with over a pound of the orange flowers.  We stored in them in a cooler in the car while we went to see a movie.  We saw Chef at the Sundance Houston and we both quite enjoyed it.  Lots of delicious looking food porn in the movie, which didn't drive us too crazy as we went right home afterwards and I whipped up a quadruple (!!!) batch of Squash Blossom Soup.  Yum. 
I was cooking soup until after midnight (I made it in 2 batches), so we slept in on Sunday and then got to work on house chores.  After a quick Home Depot trip we were finally able to mostly finish the guest bathroom!  The picture above is just a (not very focused) sneak peak - I still have a couple more things to do and clean before I can show it off in all of it's glory.  But we're thrilled with how much more modern and bright the room is!  During the powerdown of the bathroom for the light and socket installations, we also discovered that we have mini tomatoes (top picture) growing on the side of the house!  Haven't figured out what to do with those yet, but salad seems to be the most obvious option.  We finished the weekend off with some killer black bean enchiladas and then some guacamole with friends while we watched Game of Thrones.  Just one episode left!

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