Thursday, June 26, 2014

Delish Fish

S and I figure we won't have much time to work out over the next month since we're going to be in heavy-duty "moving" mode, so we've decided to compensate by trying to eat super healthy (with the exception of our carb filled, delicious, pasta adventure last night at Paulie's...)  This means lean meats like chicken and fish, minimal processed foods (flours, sugars, chemicals), and lots and lots of vegetables.  My usual go-to recipe for salmon is my own spice-variation take on this Alton Brown recipe for broiled salmon.  It's easy, quick, and tasty.  But it's getting a little old and I wanted to try something new.  Enter this miso glazed salmon recipe - SO good.  It's fresh salmon season and, while pricy, I'm a huge fan of fresh caught fish over the farmed variety, so I stocked up on 1 lb of this delicious, coral delight on Tuesday and proceeded to slather it with the miso glaze and let sit to marinate on the counter for a half an hour before cooking (I also broiled it for about 2 minutes at the end to caramelize the topping a bit).  I served it alongside this carrot, edamame, and avocado salad topped with a ginger citrus dressing and lots of black sesame seeds.  I found the dressing recipe was quite large so I added extra veggies to the salad and also cut back a bit on the sesame seeds (closer to 1/8 cup).  The resultant dinner was full of flavor and super healthy - we had enough for lunch leftovers the next day as well! 

While I was in cooking mode, I also whipped up a huge batch of roasted vegetables with chicken.  I like to mix up the types of vegetables and seasoning I use based on the season, so this week's was chock full of leeks, zucchini, carrots, and broccoli and seasoned with orange juice and thyme!  It made 5 services and gives us another healthy and quick lunch/dinner option for this week.

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