Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Happy Belated Fathers Day, Our Busy Weekend and Fun Links

We had a very full, very fun weekend!  On Friday night we went to see Ghostbusters in Market Square Park with a bunch of friends.  We brought food and drinks to snack on during the movie (most of us hadn't seen Ghostbusters in AGES - quite enjoyable!) and afterwards we bar-hopped in the Market Square area, hitting up Warren's, La Carafe (the oldest bar in Houston), and a fun secret bar that S and I like called Captain Foxheart's Bad News Bar.  It's disguised as a law office and has a fairly reasonably priced custom cocktail menu. 

The following morning we had planned on getting gourmet kolache's at Revival Market, but S was feeling a bit under the weather and so we opted to sleep in instead.  We had one of our favorite easy breakfasts, avocado toast, and then hit up the grocery store for the weekend smorgasbord of cooking I had planned.  That evening we had S's parents and his brother's family over for an early Father's Day celebration.  I made lasagna, salad, and super chocolatey brownies and his brother brought over two delicious types of garlic bread, a cheese and pesto, an we all gorged on a delicious dinner with some great conversation.  Speaking of, Happy Belated Father's Day!

On Sunday I put up the crockpot of beef stew that I'd prepared the night before and we headed out for S's best friend's baby's baptism.  We were honored to be invited to attend.  It'd been a while since we'd seen them and they kept busy afterwards at the party keeping drinks full and restocking (absolutely delicious) tamales so we made plans to meet up with them again on Monday night to catch up.  S and I then headed back to his place and I made some honey cakes with lavendar icing for the evening's festivities.  Around 5, friends started showing up for our Game of Thrones finale party.  We started off playing games (this was the favorite of the night - very fun!) and then had our pot luck dinner.  Everyone brought delicious food and we stuffed ourselves!  Then we hunkered down to watch the finale on S's huge 120" movie screen.  Like I said - a busy weekend!

This week now has been a combination of busy and slow.  We did have dinner with our friends on Monday night and got our fill of their adorable little boy.  Yesterday I swung by my friend H's house to pick up some kitty meds - Zoe has been purposely not using the litter box again much to my dismay. So I spent the rest of the night (and plan to spend tonight as well) loading the kitties with attention in hopes that they'll de-stress.  We've also started packing up bits of my apartment for transport over to S's house.  Let the great move of 2014 begin!

And even though this post is longer than I'd anticipated, here are some fun links that I've been enjoying and thought you might as well:
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