Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekend at a Glance

Friday night we took it easy.  We rented Her and stayed in eating leftover lasagna and snuggling with the kitties.  The movie was interesting and prompted lots of good discussion over the course of the weekend.  Saturday we slept in pretty late for us (recovering from a week of sleep deprivation is always so refreshing) and then finally hit up Fung's Kitchen for their weekend Dim Sum Lunch Special.  I've only have them on my restaurant list for about 2 years now so it was awesome to finally cross them off my list.  The dim sum was tasty, but not the best I've ever had.  Definitely worth it, though!
After our dim sum brunch, S and I finally went out scouting for a new bed and couch for the house.  Once I move in (the process has already started!) we've decided to sell most of our old, hand-me-down furniture and start fresh with new furniture that is "ours".  While we're not completely decided on everything, we do know that we want a king size bed and a big grey couch.  We think we've found both (although we still need to take some measurements to confirm), but we haven't pulled the plug on either yet.  After our productive furniture hunt we got some bubble tea for an afternoon snack and then headed back to my house to pack the first major load of my stuff into the car for the move.  All of my books, vases, and blankets are now at S's house!
Saturday evening we had tickets to go to the Houston Museum of Natural Science's monthly Mixer and Elixir event.  We enjoyed wandering around select exhibits at the museum with drinks in hand and live music playing in the background.  Our favorite exhibit of the night was the hall of gems and minerals.  They had a small exhibit with large cut stones and elaborate jewelry as well.  I had to take a picture of the amazingly intricate necklace above because all of those big honkin' amethysts reminded me of my great grandma!  We wandered across the street after we left the museum and listened to the Houston Symphony Orchestra play at Miller Outdoor Theater for a bit and then headed over to Camerata at Paulie's for some drinks and a tasty charcuterie platter before calling it a night!

Sunday we headed back over to S's place and I whipped up a quick bacon, corn, and chicken salad using the leftover smoked chicken from last weekend with a side of fresh strawberries for lunch.  I cut out the small bit of mayo in the recipe and used sour cream instead and used turkey bacon in place of regular.  It kind of messed with my mind because I'm so used to chicken salad having mayo in it, but this one tasted almost the same with none of the egginess!  After lunch I unloaded all of my stuff from the car and put at much of it away (or at least out of the way) as possible.  S fixed my car (a belt and actuator needed to be replaced) and then we both relaxed for a bit.  Top Chef is now available on Hulu, so I've been binge watching!

For dinner last night I made our weekly cocktail and a delicious pasta dish.  For the cocktail I decided on the broiled lemon bourbon cocktail.  I used plain lemon juice instead of lemonade concentrate and upped the rosemary simple syrup to two tablespoons to compensate for the resulting lost sweetness. For dinner I used the Trader Joe's Garlic Basil Linguine (I love their gourmet pastas because they aren't made with egg yolks!) and topped it off with this mushroom ragu.  It was all so good that S got seconds of both!

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