Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dining Room Reveal!

I've officially finished decorating my dining room!!!  The other rooms are coming along as well, but seeing at least one room completed is SO gratifying.  I'm 100% in love with my black walls.  Even S, who thought I was nuts when I first told him my plan to paint the walls black, admitted that it looks really cool.  I've re-used the dining table, 2 of the dining chairs, the 2 directors chairs, and of course the piano that I've had since my Florida place.  I kept  the two moulded plastic chairs that I got in my last apartment to keep things from getting too weighed down.  The ombre curtains are from the bedroom in my last apartment and all of the artwork and objects on the shelves and the piano are items I've been collecting over the years.  New to this room are the gold curtain rods and grey linen curtains, the awesome gold shelf that I showed off here, and the persian-looking rug (that I got at IKEA for only $80!).  I also got a great deal on some curtain rings at IKEA that I spray painted gold a couple of weekends ago to match the curtain rods - they turned out perfectly!
Those curtains were a bitch to hang.  I think I've figured out the best way to approach it now, so I'm still planning to curtain the rest of the rooms, but it was a frustrating endeavor...  Also, I don't technically have the bar cart I want yet, but I've been using an old nightstand from the Florida house as a makeshift bar cart in the meantime. 
It actually works really well and I'm contemplating painting it a glossy red and changing out the knob and just keeping it there.  We'll see...  I also absolutely love the painting I hung in that corner (I got it at Pike Place market in Seattle).  I love all of the artwork in this room to be honest.  My little three-eyed guy from Austin is next to the gold shelf and my el gato gomez space scene is camping out over the piano:
I had a lot of fun styling the shelves and piano top too.  I used the tips and tricks I've acquired from my decorating idol Emily Henderson (here) and I feel like it's much more curated than my belongings used to be.  I still have some shelves to fill on the gold shelf, but if I use the small table as my bar, then I won't have room for all of my alcohol bottles (I'm not an alch-y, it just accumulates over time...) so they may find a home on one of those lower gold shelves instead.  So a little more work, I guess, but it's 95% finished and I just absolutely adore the entire space.

What do you think??

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