Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Another Busy Week

Yeah, I'm missing posts left and right these days.  At this point my goal is three in one week.  Things have been really busy at work.  This week I'm on console and still performing my MCA lead duties, and as I've said before, something big always happens on weeks like this.  Sure enough, yesterday we lost communication with ISS for a few hours (you can read about it here) and things were just insanely busy.  Some of our systems shut down, but they reacted the way they were supposed to, so it's not like we had any unplanned failures.  But it was busy. 

And in the evenings for the next week a I have to be home to give Zoe more kitty Prozac so she stops using my floors as a littler box.  We're one week in and it seems she's just stopped, but I need to have her on the meds for a full 2 weeks before I can taper down to every other night.  So I've been trying to fit in visits with S in the evenings and going to the gym, then hanging artwork at home and making food.  Lots to do and my crazy kitty is throwing a wrench into my post work plans...

(picture from here)

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