Thursday, February 14, 2013

California Girl

Sorry I missed posts this week.  I was out in Cali on business.  Flew out Monday, had a meeting all day Tuesday, and flew home yesterday.  While out there I got to visit with Br once again - we had lunch at this great brewery/gastropub and then he toured me around his office at Nickelodeon and showed me how a cartoon is made - pretty cool!  Monday night I hit up my favorite tapas restaurant, Viva Madrid, in Claremont Village. 
Like I said, Tuesday was a work day.  On Wednesday I left my hotel super early anticipating ridiculously horrible traffic on my way to the airport, as tends to happen in LA.  To my delight, the traffic was less sucky than usual and I made it to the airport area 4 whole hours before my flight!  I didn't want to sit in the terminal for that long, so I detoured down to Hermosa Beach for some breakfast and a walk on the pier.  Delightful!

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