Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Taste Buds' Favorite Day

That's right - it is once again World Nutella Day!  Who decided this should be a yearly event?  Because I want to send them a giant tub of Nutella in gratitude.  Today is the day that the interwebz is chock full of mouth watering nutella recipes to try.  And though I'm perfectly happy to just consume this tasty chocolate hazelnut spread by the spoonful straight out of the tub, being able to eat Nutella in a socially acceptable manner outside of my kitchen is a definite perk! 
So here are some of the tasty options I've tracked down this year: a Nutella Banana Smoothie, then there's the dish that started my love: Nutella and Banana crepes (they do make a great pairing) - I'd make mine with this yolk-free crepe batter recipe, and while it's certainly easier to just buy some Ferrero Rocher and call it a tasty day I also think these Nutella Truffles sound absolutely divine.  And the plus side to cooking/baking with Nutella is you get to lick the bowl clean...

(top image from here, where you can also find a tasty looking recipe for Nutella-Date Pudding Cupcakes!)

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