Monday, July 28, 2014

I Am Exhausted, But Progress Has Been Made!

Our furniture hunting expedition on Friday yielded no fruit.  So we headed home and I whipped up these quite flavorful and very healthy Chipotle Chicken Sweet Potato Skins for dinner.  I followed the recipe for the most part, but sauteed some onion and fresh cut corn prior to wilting my spinach and added those to the filling as well.  Topped off with cilantro, red onion, and plain greek yogurt, these were a perfect health-meets-comfort meal to start the weekend.  We ate them while starting up season 2 of Downton Abbey, our new television obsession.
On Saturday we had a packed day!  We started off fairly early heading out to my place in town for the last of the painting/cleaning/loading.  My former apartment is now completely empty and I am officially moved out!  From there we made an IKEA run where I made S's eyes glaze over as we debated wardrobes for the guest room, oogled fun lighting (S really wants to install the cool exploding white globe in the picture above in our front hallway!), and navigated the crazy busy aisles filled with hoards of people.  IKEA is exhausting.  Once we finished up there, we went up to Gallery Furniture where we found the original couch that we liked and went ahead and bought it!  More pictures to come soon, but we're both thrilled with the grey u-shaped sectional we wound up with!
And then, after all of that, we had tickets to see the Astros play the Marlins!  We had awesome seats just 23 rows behind the Astros dugout and it was a lot easier to connect with the game sitting so close.  We had swung by the grocery store before the game as the stadium allow each person to bring in a gallon size bag of food and one unopened liter size water bottle.  So while we watched, we noshed on cheese, salami and crackers, carrots and hummus, fruit snacks, pickles, and twix bars!  Overall it was a long, but a fun and productive day!
Sunday started pretty early for us as we were getting all of our furniture purchases from the previous day delivered sometime between 9 and 3 and we still needed to make room for them!!  So we moved all of the furniture out of the way in the living room to make space for the new couch.  This involved carrying the old couch out to the garage and my arms are definitely feeling that today!  And then we cleared out the old book shelves in the guest room and carried those out to the garage as well.  While we were at it, we also brought down all of the garage sale items we'd stashed in the attic to the garage and stored a few pieces of furniture that we wanted to keep but don't have room for up in the attic.  It was a lot of lifting.  IKEA delivery came first followed shortly by the couch, which of course hadn't been ordered properly and so they had to come back later in the day with the right pieces for our sectional.  While we waited for the 2nd couch delivery, I got to work in the guest room putting together our massive IKEA PAX wardrobes.  You can see how they're looking right now in the picture above - they still need doors but I am so damn proud of myself for getting those up (with S's help of course)! 

We still have a lot of work to do preparing for the garage sale this coming weekend, but I can finally see really significant progress being made and it makes me so happy!  Just a little bit longer and we can finally start to relax again!

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