Friday, July 25, 2014

Why Did I Avoid Lambic For So Long???

Our cocktail of the week this past week was a fruity, dessert-y milkshake concoction made of Framboise (raspberry) Lambic, fresh black cherries, and vanilla ice cream.  For some reason I'd always avoided Lambic previously, despite the fact that most bar menus group it with my fruity drink preference of hard cider.  Lambic is still considered to be a "beer" and so I'd just dismissed it.  Oh my, was I wrong!  It's actually QUITE sweet and almost tastes like a fruity soda.  Mixed with the fresh fruit and the creamy ice cream, though, the nearly overwhelming sweetness was toned down into an absolutely delicious milkshake form.  Perfect for a slightly boozy dessert!  The recipe doesn't call for the whole bottle either, so we sipped the rest of it after we'd drained our cocktails.  I personally prefer the milkshake, though....

In other news from this week, on Tuesday we hit up Pistolero's in town for their $1 Taco Tuesday special and then headed over to my place where we proceeded to spackle over all of the many holes I'd left in the walls from my artwork and curtain rods, get rid of the last queen size mattress (free on craigslist - had 12 responses w/in 10 minutes!), and load up the car with the last of the garage sale pile and other random items left in the house.  On Wednesday we unloaded the car, and yesterday we had our bowling league.  We're definitely keeping busy! 

Tonight we're planning on doing some more couch shopping and I'm going to make these healthy Chipotle Chicken Sweet Potato Skins for dinner.  Tomorrow we're headed back to my place to sand the spackle and paint over it, clean the house, load up the remaining cleaning supplies and tools, and then turn in the keys!  Once we get that all done, we're going to make an IKEA run to get some additional storage for the guest bedroom and then we're headed to the Astros game!  I got some great tickets at work this week for seats directly behind the Astro's dugout, so we're pretty psyched to have such an amazingview!  Here's to a fun and productive weekend!

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