Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Music! Movie! Move!!!

My last week has been CRAZY BUSY!!!  Let's start with last Wednesday, my former roomie R and her mom came into town and we all went out for drinks and snacks and then to the Queen + Adam Lambert concert!  We had some pretty great seats and the show did an admirable job of featuring both Adam and the original members of the band.  One of my favorite parts (aside from getting to hang out with R!) was the NASA tribute during the show.  I may have teared up a bit when they showed the shuttle landing....

Adam wore some fantastic costumes over the course of the show.  My personal favorite was a studded and spiked set of arm warmers, but his princess-worthy crown in the final numbers was quite spectacular as well.  While the alcohol consumption and loud music didn't bode well for my head (I had a nasty headache the following day), the evening was SO much fun!
Thursday was fairly standard.  We had our bowling league, which is fun as always.  We're hugging the bottom of the standings this year as opposed to our unnaturally fast rise to the top last year.  It's defiinitely more of what we expected, though!  Friday my headache was acting up again, so I stayed home from work and relaxed, then took another load of stuff from my place to S's house, and then snuck in an acupuncture appointment to help with my spiraling stress headache situation.  It did help.  That evening I sold the chairs from my dining room set (craigslist was a godsend this weekend) and then we went to Market Square Park for their movie in the park series featuring The Princess Bride!
We met up with our friends N and H there, a couple we always enjoy hanging out with (some of the best conversationalists I've ever met - I swear) and proceeded to snack on pretzels and Trader Joe's popcorn during the film.  H and I kept quoting the classic lines and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!  The following day I sold my dining room table, got all of the nails and screws pulled out of my walls, and then S and I went to make our first major furniture purchase together - a king size mattress set!  (It arrives tonight and we're so psyched!)  From there we headed north to the Woodlands to meet up with friends for the Lionel Richie concert!
S and I had headed over to B's place earlier in the week to help make our customized Lionel t-shirts (which were a big hit) and so our entire crew was all outfitted with our own Lionel tees, personalized with classic quotes such as "All Night Long", "Easy, Like Sunday Morning", and "Mighty, Mighty Just Lettin It All Hang Out"!  We pre-partied in the hotel room that B and J had reserved and then walked next door to the Cynthia Woods Pavilion for the show.

It was open seating, so we set out our blankets, stocked up on food and drinks (including stealthily spiking our own drinks with these handy tampon flasks that H brought for the group!)  Lionel is certainly a great showman and his concert had people on their feet for most of the show!  Well, mostly on their feet....
After the show our group headed back to the hotel, but S and I didn't make it much later than midnight when yet another headache sent us back to my place.  I obviously need to schedule another acupuncture appointment...  On Sunday we got rid of the queen size mattress from my guest room (we listed it for free on craigslist and got over 10 responses within 7 minutes!!!) and then filled up the car with another load o'stuff.  This time our load included the kitties!!!  The kitties and I are officially moved in with S as of Sunday!  We wound up running back to the house again that afternoon so I could sell my couch - my house is almost empty - and pack up another load of stuff.  That night we were exhausted and so we just vegged out with the kitties, who so far seem to love living in S's house!

And that was our crazy busy week/weekend!!!  Yesterday we worked on getting sheets for the new bed and unpacking.  I also made stuffed zucchini for dinner and a tasty cocktail, which I'll share later. And tonight our new king size mattress arrives!  We're moving the big furniture this coming weekend and planning a garage sale at the beginning of August to help get rid of extra stuff.  Scarily enough, this is only 3 weeks away, so the end is in sight!!!

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