Monday, December 17, 2012

What an Awesome Weekend!

I just had the most phenomenal weekend!  It all started off with sleeping in on Saturday.  Perfect.  This was followed by the first part of an awesome tour de foodie.  On the way to a new restaurant, we happened upon the Monster PB&J truck, which we'd been wanting to try, over by the Menil Collection (an art museum that I still need to check out).  I know that peanut butter and jelly sandwiches hardly sound gourmet, but they were delicious!  I got wheat bread, almond butter, blueberry jam, and banana slices, all toasted and then we picnic-ed on the lawn of the museum.  Yum!  S and I then made our way on to the originally planned destination of Eatsie Boys new brick and mortar restaurant (they used to operate solely out of a foodtruck as well) where we shared a matzo ball pho and then each tried one of their gourmet ice cream flavors.  The sweet corn was good, but the glazed donut flavored ice cream was kind of mind bending - it tasted exactly like a glazed donut!  After that it was back to my old apartment because the piano guys came to move my big, honkin upright piano.  It wasn't easy, but they did an excellent job.  Unfortunately, in the tuners expert opinion, my piano is beyond help when it comes to tuning it (it would cost over $1000!!!), so that was a bit of bad news.  This was followed by some major cleaning/errand running to get ready for my holiday/housewarming brunch the following morning.  Did you know that  Houston liquor stores close at 9 on Saturday???  So ridiculous.  We also went out for dinner at a nearby tapas fusion restaurant called Ambrosia.  The food was good, abut the best part was we could walk there from my place!  The perks of city living!

Sunday was an incredible whirlwind.  I was up around 9 to get the fixings for my brunch ready.  I served pancakes with a variety of toppings and a few different types of fritattas (bacon, jalepeno, and cheddar; tomato, spinach, mushroom, and goat cheese; and ham, shallots, mushrooms, and gruyere).  Friends brought fruit, vodka (lifesavers!), orange juice, etc and we all had a delicious time.  We finished up the gathering with a white elephant christmas exchange!  After everyone left, I indulged in a brief nap and then it was time for more food!  There was a holiday food truck festival that S and I hit up where I found my dream food truck: Golden Grill.  It's an entire truck dedicated to grilled cheese!!!  I was also a fan of Bernie's Burger Bus - not super unique flavors, but just really good burgers.  And they had the most insane truffled french fries.  Yum!  S also hit up his favorite truck - the Waffle Bus - where he got the Strawberry Irish Cream Creme Brulee waffle sandwhich.  Crazy right?  Our weekend wrapped up with a trip to see the Houston Symphony Orchestra and featured performer Ashley Brown perform at their annual Pops Holiday Concert.  Such a fantastic weekend!!!!

(top image from here - I really need to start photo documenting weekends like this on my own....)

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