Monday, December 10, 2012

Happy Hanukkah!

I was SO busy with my move this weekend that I had completely forgotten that Hanukkah started on Saturday!  I'm not celebrating with the family until we're all down in Florida at the end of the month, so it didn't really hit me until today.  My mom did text me over the weekend, but I was in heavy unpack mode so it sort of slipped by me unnoticed (sorry mom!).  I do plan to break out my awesome Jonathan Adler menorah tonight, though.  So Happy Hanukkah everyone!!!  May your latkes be crispy, your dreidel spins result in gimel, and your eight nights of celebration be memorable!

As I said, most of my weekend was spent on "The Move".  Some of my awesome friends chipped in on Saturday to help me move all of my big pieces of furniture to the new place.  It only took about 2 hours (though I'm pretty sure everyone was cursing the stairs at my old apartment the whole time), we celebrated afterwards with gatorade and homemade lasagna, and I'm now officially living in the city!  I've managed to get most of my kitchen and bedroom unpacked/set up so far.  Though the kitchen does still need some organization help.

My next big project is the bathroom, which desperately needs to be cleaned and also requires a toilet paper holder, new toilet seat, and curved shower rod.  All were purchased yesterday and will be installed today.  I'd also had an issue with the hot water smelling like sulphur (nothing like leaving the new place smelling like a rotten egg....)  I just heard from my property manager that he fixed the water heater for me today, though, so I should have a fully functional bathroom by the end of the day today!

There are still boxes and other piles of "stuff" everywhere, so no pictures for you  yet.  But they will be coming along soon!  I have another busy week ahead of me!

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