Tuesday, December 11, 2012

More Stories from Landlord Hell

I think I may need a new management company on my Florida townhouse.  I called today to see if my current tenants had renewed their lease and it's all been downhill since then...  First, they didn't know if she was renewing despite the fact that the lease ends at the end of the month.  Strike one.  Second, she apparently paid her rent 10 days late this month because she just had a baby.  What?  Last I heard she was a single mom with 2 boys and now she's married with a new baby?  Ok, it's not like I'd notify my landlord if I got knocked up, but a baby does not take 10 days to be born, so rent that late is not acceptable.  Strike two.  And here's the coup de grace - despite the fact that my lease states that she owes $50 the first day her rent is late and $25 per day after - which totals around $300 in late fees - the managment company told her (wait for it.......) that since it was the holidays and she just had a baby that they were going to WAIVE THE LATE FEE?!?!?  Without even checking with me and despite the fact that I have a legally binding lease?!? Strike three!!!!  I'm livid!!!


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