Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Quirky Gift Guide

I know a lot of magazines and blogs do gift guides, and I usually absolutely love reading them to get new and unique ideas for "off the beaten path" types of gifts.  And frequently stuff for myself too....  So I decided to try my hand at compiling a list of fun, nice, and potentially odd gifts that maybe you wouldn't have thought of otherwise as well.  Here's what I got: clockwise from the top left, a mustache pacifier to give any baby that Tom Selleck look, beautifully delicate Catherine Weitzman branch earrings, a weird but wonderful ceramic pig planter, Jonathan Adler's squirrel match holder (so random!), a modern porcelain and walnut catchall for a stylish desk space, J. Crew's iPhone backup batteries in fun patterns (I'm pining for the polka dotted one!), Charley Harper is an artist obsession of mine and in addition to his books I recently discovered this fabulous memory game, Rummikub is the current king of games in my family's house (it's so fun!), druzy rings are an awesome way to get maximum sparkle for your money, and finally my go to gift for the person who has everything, or who you just have no good ideas for: food - I'd start with this cookie and brownie gift box from Zingermans.

Well I hope I've been able to inspire your holiday shopping just a bit.  If nothing else, at least I hope I entertained you with randomness!  Hope your holiday season is going well!

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